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Handmade bicycles, custom composites fabrication and carbon repair.

Montenegro Manufacturing is a small composites fabrication company with a passion for offering the best carbon composite services available. We take a strong hands on approach to high end carbon racing bicycles, carbon components, and carbon fiber frame repair.

What have I been up to since the last post...

Hello Everyone, it has been forever since the last post. I had to change my password to sign in because I forgot what it was, It has been that long. I've been slammed and too much has happened since the last post, so I'll do my best to keep you up to date.

Thats just a few points that come to mind right now. Every single one of these points deserves its own blog post. I'm gonna be sitting in airports for the next few days so hopefully I'll be able to get into details. Or maybe my next post will be in another 2 years, hopefully not. I also have a lot of photos of my current work to post.
BUT If you would like to be up to date with all my projects and news you should follow me on Instagram, @Montenegro_mfg If you don't already.
Thank you for taking a moment to read this.

I guess you never know who you are gonna deal with

So a few months back this one kid that talked to me on Facebook organized an unsantioned Cyclocross race in the woods of Ocklahoma City. He asked me if i could send him some free stuff to give a way as prizes and I did. Hoping that in return i would get some facebook likes or maybe even some carbon repair work. Months go by and this dude turns out to be some crazy Racist monster, saying all kinds of ridiculous things on twitter for the whole world to see. A website called him out on it and put all his information on blast so everyone would know who he is and what he is doing.
Turns out my company is somewhat involved with all this craziness because i gave him prizes for his race. All my company's information was also on blast on the website. I had to go to every form of social media that I have my name on and explain that I have nothing to do with this guy and I don't condemn any of his actions. I'm still getting emails, phone calls, facebook messages and even bad reviews about it even though the website updated the post and made everything clear.
I'll make this clear on her as well. Zac Wallin never worked for me, didn't know he was a racist monster when I agreed to sponsor his bicycle race and i don't approve or tolerate any type of racism. Take it from me, a hispanic inmigrant who's often mistaken for Middle Eastern.

Read the article here: fruitbaat.tumblr.com/post/104726203711/onionbucket-vital-stats-zachary-ryan-wallin

Please stop sending me e-mails or calling my business regarding this matter.

Thank you

The MMFG Grand Finale at The Encino Velodrome!

This is kind of a last minute post, but If you have been going to the Encino summer series you have probably been waiting all summer for this event. The MMFG Season Ender omnium will happen september 3rd at the Encino velodrome. registration starts at 5:30. $20 to race, juniors race for free. All the money raised will go to the Velodrome.<br>

I managed to get a lot of cool prizes from our sponsors, so I'm sure there will be a lot of product tossing and premes. So lets thank RTBL ,  Bicycle.net , Ritte Cycles , T Level Bags , State Bicycles and Bikeshop.net. Like their facebook pages and follow their instagrams, yeh? <br>

I also made this bad ass flyer with a combo most track racers probably had, if you haven't then you are not trying hard enough.<br>

See ya'll tonight!!



That's right! We now have our very own workshop. We are currently in the remodeling process but we are still taking overs in. The new shop is located on 1613 1/2 Armacost ave. Los Angeles CA 90025. Carbon repair is going strong as well as the final test of our carbon fiber bicycles (stay tunned for updates on that). Shop is only open by appointment so make sure you conntact us before your visit. Hern@Montenegro-mfg.com


This is how we do it! (carbon repair)

I've decided to write this blog post to give you a clear idea of how it works and a better understanding about sending your bike to be repaired.

Before we start the bicycle frame gets thoroughly inspected and goes through a few stress test to find damage that is not visible. These test don't compromise the structure of the frame, if the frame is in good condition. But if the structure has been compromised due to a crash or just too much abuse then the bicycle frame can show signs of fatigue and or break. The first sign of deterioration is noticed by sound. I used to use a Stethoscope to look for small cracking sounds in the joints, now I use a Fetal Doppler and an Ultrasound Thickness Guage. These devices allow me to look for movement inside the structure more accurately and with less intensity during the stress test and check variations in wall thicknesses. If the structure vibrates or moves during the test then it's damaged. Finding out the structure is damaged with lower pressure is a lot better than having the bicycle blow up in front of my face or worse, have the bicycle fail while you are riding it.

So let's say you need my services. You send me an e-mail with photos of your damaged bicycle and a brief story of how it happened. This is important to me, it helps he visualize how the damage happened and pay extra attention to other parts in the frame that in theory would be compromised also. Please don't send the "I was just riding along on PCH and all of a sudden my _ snapped so I had to call my wife to pick me up" . No, I don't buy it. These bicycles don't break if if they were properly used. You must've done something the bike didn't like or crashed or dropped it, etc.

Once I have an idea to what happened to this bike and checked it for additional damage, I'm ready to move on perform my magic. The structure is sanded down to the last damaged layer of carbon. The whole damaged area gets removed to the last layer. Many structures will need an inner core to build the structure back up since they can't hold compression on their own. Different types of carbon fiber and other composites are used (such as Kevlar) to rebuild a structure. After the structure is rebuilt, the frame is in good enough condition to get back on the road, but I prefer to take it a step further. A few extra layers of 3k twill plain weave carbon are used to top off the repair. This makes it stronger than before and provides extra support to the frame. Then after many hours of finishing and sanding, the frame gets clear coated or repainted. In the gallery below you can see a few steps of this procedure

While I may make it sound very simple, it is not and it requires a lot of patience, skill and experience. I believe I provide the fastest and most reliable service, but every repair needs its time and attention. So please allow me 7 to 10 business day to repair your frame. My prices are very reasonable and I can guarantee you'll be happy with the results.

Thank you for reading. Hern

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