Custom made carbon fiber parts for anything you could think of. Hand made in Los Angeles CA

  Los Angeles Carbon Fiber

Handmade bicycles, Custom Composites fabrication and Carbon Repair

Montenegro Manufacturing is a young bicycle composites company with a passion for great products of the best quality possible. We take a strong hands on approach to high end racing bicycles, components and carbon fiber frame repair.

So you have a bitchin' motorcycle and you wanna get some carbon fairings made for it, or you just want to make whatever it is that you have lighter and stronger, or maybe you just have an idea and you want someone who can make it into reality. Well, then i might be your guy. Custom carbon fiber fabrication hand made in Los Angeles, California. No production parts, custom only. 
You have something in mind? Shoot me an email

Please note: if you saw something on eBay and you want me to make something that someone else is already selling, then don't bother wasting my time. I can't compete with Chinese rates. Also, for the moment i can't make car panels (such as doors, hoods, wings, complete bodies) because of lack of space at my shop. 

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