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Handmade bicycles, Custom Composites fabrication and Carbon Repair

Montenegro Manufacturing is a young bicycle composites company with a passion for great products of the best quality possible. We take a strong hands on approach to high end racing bicycles, components and carbon fiber frame repair.



Arguably the best looking pair of handlebars in the market, the MMFG Bars are a carbon handlebar and stem bonded with Hi-mod unidirectional carbon and reinforced with a blend of kavlar and 6k twill carbon fiber. The fibers spread out wide through out the handlebar and stem, a lot more than a than the regular clamp would, making this modification stiffer compared to the original set up. This procedure eliminates weight created by the metal insets, face plates and bolts used to clamp the bar to the stem.

The price for the custom modification is $300 with 2 color custom paint, and $50 per additional color. Custom add ons such as garmin mount, internal cable stop for cantilever brakes or hidden DI2 control box are also extra (send e-mail if interested). This does not include the handle bar and stem. You can send us a cockpit set up that you already have at the position you ride them or we can order a pair. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail: Hern@Montenegro-Mfg.com

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