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Handmade bicycles, custom composites fabrication and carbon repair.

Montenegro Manufacturing is a small composites fabrication company with a passion for offering the best carbon composite services available. We take a strong hands on approach to high end carbon racing bicycles, carbon components, and carbon fiber frame repair.

Photo by  Julio Bustamante

 Hello, my name is Hernan Montenegro and I own Montenegro Manufacturing, a company mainly focused in hand made carbon fiber bicycles. Since i was young boy I always dreamed of having my own bicycle company. This was way before i discovered the wonderful material that is carbon fiber and making bicycles by hand. I had no clue how i was going to make these bikes but i could already imagine my awesome logo on the down-tube. I may add these bikes i was fantasizing about were BMX bikes. As a kid i never thought I'd end up making bikes with skinny tires.

I started Montenegro Manufacturing after quitting my full time job at Predator Cycling in August 2013. There are a lot of reasons why I left, but I guess the simplest way to explain it is that i felt like i hit a dead end yet I was extremely passionate about my job (If that makes any sense to you). My friends in the Aerospace industry had a job lined up for me. A job where i wouldn't have to worry about money ever again, work 8 to 10 hours a day and ride my bike on my days off. While this sounds ideal to most people, to me it was like I've given up doing what I love. I guess I needed someone else to tell me that i didn't have to give up on my dreams.

I had a chat with my friend Spencer Cannon, founder of Ritte Cycles, the day after I quit my full time job. I called my friends at aerospace company and told them that I was going to take their offer. I guess Spencer could see eye to eye with me and asked me "What do you really want to do?" I told him I wanted to keep making bikes. We had a talk about the what i would need to start. He trusted my work so he decided to help me out to start this, Montenegro Manufacturing: handmade bicycles, custom composites fabrication, and carbon repair.

It has been a real struggle running my own circus, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every single product that comes out of my work shop is top notch. I wouldn't put my name on it otherwise. Carbon repair is still the main specialty by volume, We offering great prices and reliability. Custom components and modifications are slowly growing as well, the MMFG bars are what i believe the most beautiful handlebars in the market while being lighter and stiffer that a traditional set up. Every now and then I'll make car parts and other random jobs just because. Carbon bicycles are still in the works, the Bamboo Carbon bikes are rocking and growing in popularity. I design, test and make all the products myself. I also promote and organize events for the brand and try to stay fit enough to race competitively for State bikes, T level bags and Leh Saddles. MMFG is far from being as big as the other guys, but I think one day it will get there.

Hern Montenegro 8/11/14


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